Fusion Bonded Epoxy


Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) is used extensively worldwide under conditions of severe corrosive attack, providing excellent adhesion to the steel substrate through a combination of mechanical and chemical bonding.

FBE materials are the preferred coatings for protecting underground pipelines.

Tailored gel time and curing characteristics provides for economic application of FBE coatings.

Pipes ranging from Ø219 mm to Ø813 mm.

Coating capability: Ø219 mm to Ø813 mm

Hall Longmore Fusion Bonded Epoxy Process Facility

Surface preparation of pipes includes removal of all surface moisture, by passing pipes through a heating ring and flame, impinging all surface contaminants.

The surface profile is achieved by shot blasting via a wheel abrater where a steel shot/grit is used to produce the required surface (up to SA 3 standard).

Prepared pipe passes through a process of wire brushing and vacuuming before the application of acid wash on client specification. This is followed by induction heating which reaches a temperature of between 235 - 250°C prior to processing through the electrostatic spray booth.

Full curing takes place within seconds with inspection commencing once surface temperature has reduced to a hand touch level.

Manufacturing Process


Latest News

Jun 2019

Hall Longmore continues their successful partnership with Stemcor suppling pipe for export to the USA.
We look forward to supplying this a client who has supported us for many years.

May 2019

Hall Longmore Continues to Deliver quality pipe for the Rand Water Board
We look forward to being part of this values chain.


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